Peryal Tugen

Peryal has many years of experience in different dance forms including Jive, Latin and Contemporary. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. She enjoys combining different practices of mind, body and spirit connection in her exploration of self discovery and loves sharing her findings to inspire others to connect with their true divine nature.

DANCEmandala Movement Meditation
About DANCEmandala " DANCEmandala provides a map to facilitate intuitive authentic movement flow. With carefully selected music and open reflective guidance, we journey through 11 layers of awareness. From awake -consciousness of our body, emotion and hearts space into more subtle layers where we step into that place of deeper connection to self, into a dreaming space of potentiality and vast dimension of the mystery before folding back into state of inner spring of awakening bliss, clarity (insights) and stillness. One can also receive this practice simply as an intuitive free-form movement exploration (DANCE) within a sacred and meditative containment (mandala)." ~ Areeradh For more details, please visit" You can also check my you tube video at

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