Fiona Philips

Fiona has researched and published numerous articles on subjects such as astrology, conspiracy research, crop circles, esoteric, politics including lead articles in 'Kindred Spirit', the 'Daily Censored' website, and 'Media Workers Against War'. She currently has an in depth article published on David Icke's website entitled: 'The Strange World of Sandy Hook: the Incredible Proof it was a Government Hoax with 7 Secret Agendas'.

Secrets of your Inner Witch and the Yellow Brick Road: The Wizard of Oz as A Map of the Modern Spiritual Journey

Come and find out about your inner witch, or shadow-side, according to astrology! Have you ever wondered exactly what relevance the idea of the spiritual path has to you in the modern world?
Using the languages of astrology, psychology and fairy-tale, let us uncover the mysteries of the modern day Quest!
The Wizard of Oz will be discussed as a map of the modern spiritual journey: revealing the allies, challenges, and pitfalls we encounter along the yellow brick road of self-development to our true home, Dorothy, the individuated Self, at the end of her journey - integrated, whole, and empowered with the magic of the ruby slippers!  

False Flags and Faked Events on the World Stage

How deep down the rabbit hole do you go?
We will be looking at our personal journey of awakening to the huge lies being spun for humanity at this time, in the form of false flag and faked events, justifying endless war, and what looks to be increasing totalitarian control. We will include a closer look at 7/7, and, based on my research for my article, the apparently faked school shooting of Sandy Hook with it's 7 secret agendas.

'There is a power that lies in understanding the dark shadow on this planet:  once you recognize all the elements that contribute to the pattern (of the shadow government’s control system), you will, by the very nature of consciousness, be altering it'- Quote from: 'No More Secrets, No More Lies' - Patricia Cori

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