KB Lim

Being a son of a Chinese Teacher, and having studied Chinese as a first language in one of the Top Nine Prestigious High Schools in Singapore : Dunman High School, shaped Master Lim’s in depth involvement with Chinese Metaphysics since early age.

Later he studied Marine Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. With an engineering background, Master Lim has a high understanding of Chinese ancient studies and combined with a scientific approach to give a better teaching of Yi Jing and Chinese metaphysics.

KB Lim has studied with the likes of Professor Henry Lee from Taiwan on Taoism ritual, Charm and Mantra and followed the teachings of one of the top Yi Jing masters in China , Mr Huang Jian.

Why I-Ching ? It is easy to learn, takes time to master, and finally, it benefits you for life once you know the skill and have the knowledge.

Some of the core values of I-Ching are the fact that it rose in a fusion environment of western and oriental culture: Singapore, and that it has the advantage of both the western scientific approach and deep, rich Chinese ancient knowledge passed down.
Unfortunately, much of the fundamental basics of Chinese metaphysics have been overlooked, giving the Fengshui a mythic presentation and making it mistaken as belonging to the Taoism religion!

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