Amanda Renske Mann

Amanda Renske Mann has more than 25 years magical experience. First as a Witch, now as a shamanic healer and mentor, working within the Peruvian Q’ero mesa tradition: she works with the spirit of nature to bring connection, balance and growth. Her dream is to help others connect to core of themselves, walk in balance on the earth and feel whole. Her approach blends old world magic and new, but always with humour, authenticity and heart.

Kitchen Witch
The herbs and spices that we use in our kitchen have a deeper story to tell. By connecting with the vibration and personality of the plant we access their energetic gifts, so they become our allies. In this workshop I will explain how to add spice to your life and not just your cooking using traditional folk magic found in every culture. This is an adaptable, fun, and creative way to clear energy and draw blessing to you and your home.

Spiritual Bathing
Water is the element of rebirth, when we step into the bath or under the shower, we cleanse the soul as well as the body. In this workshop I will explain the principles of a magical bath, how to set up sacred space and empower your practice and we will meet the traditional ingredients used for energetic cleansing: learn what each does and why it is used.

Spiritual cleansing baths are a wonderful practice that can enhance and strengthen in your daily life with very little effort. Perfect for those times when we don’t feel centred or have enough energy to create what we want through other means. We can use healing baths to soothe, strengthen and renew.

Despacho (family workshop open to all)

A despacho is a prayer bundle or offering. For hundreds of years, the Laika (high shamans or wisdomkeepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru) have used the despacho ceremony for a wide variety of occasions – births, deaths, as an expression of gratitude, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance and harmony, or when there is a specific request of the spirit world.

Similar to a mandala or sacred creation, the despacho holds symbolic elements and the prayers of the participants. As the elements are added to the despacho, the vibration of the participants and the room raises. The despacho becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.

Ingredients will be provided, but feel free to add any that have special significance for you. Please make them as biodegradable as possible,since the despacho will be burned to release the prayers to Spirit.

Suggested offerings include sugar and sweets, corn and/or other grains, coca/bay leaves (or whatever herbs or small leaves are readily available), flowers, incense, paper (or “play”) money, salt, feathers, beans, colorful yarn, and any other item that is significant to the occasion. The elements are less important than the intent.

Fire Ceremony (family workshop open to all)

The fire ceremony is a core ritual in many Medicine traditions. Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and to be reborn. Through fire ceremony, you honor your lessons and old belief structures by placing them in the fire and turning them over to Spirit. By releasing these old patterns and beliefs into the fire, you heal deeply at the level of the soul without having to experience them at the literal and physical levels.

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