Michael Tanner

Michael was teaching Yoga in the early 1970s. He also owned a centre in Devon offering courses in Yoga, Kinaesiology Reflexology, Encounter Groups, Massage and Meditation. He now lives in the SW of Ireland and manufactures Grapefruit Seed Extract products.He also encourages others to participate in Lifestream, a practice that encourages people to resolve their traumas. Another activity of his is teaching Paragliding.

  • Lifestream

    We incarnate with a purpose and then, because of Traumatic Pain we become diverted from our journey. We can see that Physical Life is a Self Regulating process, if we are too hot we perspire, too cold we shiver. This applies to our other bodies as well, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Rather than impose a therapy on a person we encourage them to remove their interference with their own process so that it will allow problems to resolve rather than release. This is a very simple and very powerful technique.

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