Maria Gillott

Maria is one of the two founders of One World. She studied for her BA in sculpture and then went on to work as a house parent in homes for handicapped children and school offenders. In 1978 she started her Macrobiotics studies at the CHF in London and has been professionally involved ever since as a cooking teacher and cook referral. Being a mother of two children has inspired her to complete the Steiner teacher training and focus on the macrobiotic approach to education and women’s health. Maria has also a deep interest in Space clearing and has been co-promoter and co-director of the One World Summer Festival since 1996.

Macrobiotic Cooking
Macrobiotic cooking is unique. Rooted in centuries old principles, the macrobiotic diet consists of simple yet nutritious foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, sea vegetables and optional animal foods, selected and prepared in harmony with the seasons. Learn how to make a 3 course menu in 1 hour. Recipes from around the world in 45m. Recipes from around the world. £2 donations towards food costs.

Belly Dance
Bellydance was originally a way of women weeping fit and was practised in private with mothers and children. This movement is very natural for women helping to keep flexibility in hips especially during child birth. Bring a wrap or scarf for your hips and a sense of fun. Maria has been studying and practising Egyptian dance for 16 years.

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